With Our Thoughts, We Make Our World

by Upon Discovery

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We've been in the works of making this for awhile now to try to put as much emotion and as much of what we felt into this EP and want to thank everyone who has supported us and all our friends we've made along the way. We sincerely thank everyone and hope you all enjoy this EP as much as we do. It really means alot alot to us and cant wait to start working on our next. We'll have physical copies at shows too!


released April 2, 2014

Luke Montgomery ~ Vocals
Ryan Giordano ~ Guitar/Vocals
Drew Gretz ~ Guitar
Tommy Hagan ~ Bassgod
Nick Mammoccio ~ Drums

All music and lyrics were written by Upon Discovery
Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by our good chap Mike Dillon at The Lost Studios

Runtime ~18:78



all rights reserved


Upon Discovery (DE) Wilmington, Delaware

We make sad music.

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Track Name: With Our Thoughts, We Make Our World
I will find myself, in these clouded thoughts of mine
As i'm thrown deeper and deeper into a state of mind
That i cant understand

And all we do in this world is wonder, wonder whats the meaning to all of this
With our thoughts, we make our world
Track Name: Last Words
You are now just a memory, of better days that i have seen
Locked up and sealed tight within my mind

With no escape and no room to see
That you're the one thing in my life, I need to forget
To throw away
And never regret

You are now just memory, that i have seen until this day
Its time for me to get this off my chest

Now that i'm given the chance, these are my final words to you

We will never be
Track Name: The Tired Eyes
Over and over morality fades
Boundaries are broken, New lines are made
Further and further, we fall out of place
With all these visions of an inevitable fate

Living among people who love to hate
When the reality is too much to take

It drives them to do horrible things
But tell me what is that all worth?
All the possessions in the world?
All of the glory and all of the fame?

We need to stop living our lives off of all of these lies
We need to open our eyes and take hold of the reigns
Because i'm so tired of all your lies,
Those lies of your perfect lives
I'm so tired of all the lies...

Living among people who love to hate
When the reality is too much to take
Track Name: Heavy Hearts
I just wish growing up, I had someone to look up too
Like you had him
You were the closest of companions, that anyone could be

Except in all reality, it was just two brothers getting along
And then came that day that you never came back home
Days went by, and I had not the slightest of a clue
The slightest of a clue

For I was only a child
For I was only a child

Mother called me over
To confirm a nightmare
That I've had in the back of my head
She grabbed my hand
And she held it tight
She said baby I'm sorry, but your brother is gone

Tears pouring down her face
And the tremble in her voice
I could only respond, with it will be all right

And on that day that when we buried him
Something became so clear
That now he's gone forever
And with him, took a piece of me
Piece if me

I will go on
With a piece that's always missing
Maybe we'll meet again
I will go on
With a piece that's always missing
Maybe we'll meet again
Maybe we'll meet once again

And after all these years
Not a single fucking thing has changed
Track Name: Withering
If this is to be the end of us
After countless times of joy we once held dear
I've dug a grave to bury those memories

Yet still i choke on every pointless word
Every meaningless memory

Former self, where have you gone?
Where have you gone?
Track Name: Restart
If we could all restart
From where we all began
Losing sight and giving up on these cold dead hands
An era of no complaints
And all of the seemingly endless days

As kids we would find a way
To block out all of the hate
Something so not needed
To make our daily lives go on

Growing up we tend to realize
Some things are better left unsaid

Its worth too much to just move on
And to really let go
So i say this once again
If we could just restart

If we could all restart
Track Name: Someone I Once Knew
Relation by blood
Separation by morals

You call yourself a family man
But whats the real story?

You're a letdown, and there's nothing else to it
I've been through too much
To push you to do this

Go ahead
Keep living this lie
Sooner or later

Don't expect a goodbye

The only person to miss you, will be your son
But tell me...
What is a father
Without his son